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The Liturgical Year

A very special worship was held to celebrate the importance of Lent. We learned the British Sign Language signs for 'Jesus, Be The Centre' and thought about how we can carry this prayer in our daily lives, school and at home.

CAFOD's Big Lent Walk

Today we launched The Big Lent Walk in our school to raise money for Global Poverty. We have to run/walk/dance/skip 2000 laps of our playground! 


Our Y5 and Y6 pupils held a wonderful Christmas Carol Service to celebrate the birth of Jesus with our families, school parish and community.

Y1/2BU, Y2BH and Y3W performed an incredible 'Christmas All Around the World' concert to show and celebrate Jesus.

An Advent message from Canon Mike.

We had an exciting visit from an amazing cast who taught us all about the story of Advent!

Gardening Club focused on the Advent Wreath this week and made some beautiful wreaths for our Christmas Fair.

'We're Going On A Star Hunt' was a magical Christmas treat from our littlest pupils in Reception and Y1C.

The school was full of Christmas cheer, for all to hear with Y3/4OH and Y4/5E's performance of 'Christmas Traditions'.

Y1. Y2 and Y3 lit the Pink Candle for Gaudete - Joy Sunday.

Y2BH planned and delivered a lovely collective worship on Advent.

Y1C came together to light the first Advent candle.

'Light the advent candle one, now the waiting has begun'.

RecMcD and RecEG enjoyed coming together to light the advent candle and sing the Advent Candle Song.