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    ParentPay - the easy way to order your child's meals

Given the option, most parents prefer to pay online at a time that suits them. With ParentPay parents don’t need to queue up at the school office with cash or expect their child to carry envelopes to school with consent forms and money.


Simply visit and activate your account via the Account Login area on the home page of the site. Please use the unique activation username and password that you were given on your letter, you will be prompted to change these and to keep them safe and secure as your Username and Password for future logins. You will need an active email account to do this.  If you need your childs account login information, please contact the school office.


If you have two or more children at the school, you only need to activate one account to create your main account then add your other children via the Add a child tab on your home page.


Money MUST be added to your account before ordering meals, as you cannot order without having money in your ParentPay account.  You must order your child's meals for the week by the Sunday of that week to follow.


If your  child is entitled to Free School Meals, please activate your account as above, and pre order your child’s meals, as above. Your child’s account will be credited with the Free School Meal entitlement for each day, therefore no payment is required.

It is important that all parents (both paying and those entitled to Free School Meals) pre order meals for their children. Failure to do so may result in desired meals not being available for your child.

ParentPay - Parents Overview

Here's a quick overview of how ParentPay works for parents. The system has been designed from the ground up to work great on tablets and phones as well as desktop computers. ParentPay can be used to pay for: School Dinners Trips Clubs Online Shop Communication Payment Options