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Meet our Mini Vinnies 2021-2022

What is a Mini Vinnie?


Minnie Vinnies are part of the Saint Vincent de Paul society which is worldwide and is based on doing good work.  


Mini Vinnies truly turn concern into action as they use the simple formula of ‘see, think, do’ to find people in need and help them. 



Our Mini Vinnies have taken their pledge.

Meet the President and Vice President of the Mini Vinnies

The members of the Mini Vinnies who wished to run for the roles of President and Vice-President presented an election speech to the rest of the group. The group listened attentively and based upon the speeches voted for who they wished to be elected as President and Vice President of St Patrick's Mini Vinnies.

Cards for the sick and elderly of our parish

During her talk of the work of the SVP, Mrs German told us how delighted the parishioners were to receive our Christmas cards. Consequently, the Mini Vinnies decided to make “Thinking of you” cards for the sick and elderly of the parish to let them know they are in our thoughts and not forgotten.

A visit from a member of our parish SVP

Mrs Chris German from St Patrick’s Parish SVP came in to speak to us about the history and work of the SVP in St Patrick’s. We found out lots of interesting information.

Christmas cards from The Mini Vinnies

The Mini Vinnies made Christmas cards for the sick and elderly of our parish to let them know we are thinking of them. The cards were delivered by members of the parish SVP.

We also made cards using our finger prints for our friends at Nazareth House to let them know that even though we weren’t able to visit, we were thinking of them over the Christmas period.

CAFOD fundraising

The Mini Vinnies organised some fundraising for CAFOD. We collected and counted all the funds. The class that raised the most money was Ms Wyatt's Y2W who raised enough money to provide water for a family for a year.

Nazareth House

 The Mini Vinnies made gifts for the residents of Nazareth House. We recycled materials to make flowers and wrote messages reminding the residents we are thinking of them. We were able to visit Nazareth House to present the gifts. 

The Mini Vinnies have made grottos.


The Mini Vinnies decided to make grottos of Our Lady. Each class was then presented with a grotto for their class altar.