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Autumn Term council meeting minutes

8th December 2023

Eco Council made bird feeders today to nurturer birds during the winter months. They used recycled milk cartons to make them. Councillors had fun making them and were proud to hang the feeders in the Forest School area. Please find our pictures in the Autumn Term Activity Folder. 

6th of December 2023

Eco Councillors were busy planting trees such as cherry, hazel, beech and holly with Chloe and Chris from Coed Caerdydd. Coed Caerdydd is a 10 year programme to increase the number of trees in Cardiff, supporting the city’s 'One Planet climate change strategy' to protect, plant and raise awareness about the importance of trees and help make Cardiff a greener and healthier place to live. The councillors learnt how to take care of the trees in winter and the importance of watering them in the summer season. They loved exploring nature and found many bugs and earthworms hiding in their forest school habitats. Please find our planting pictures in the Autumn activities folder. 

24th November 2023

To promote a healthy environment and improve biodiversity, the Eco Councillors surveyed their school surroundings and kept a record of wildlife in the forest school grounds. They found a number of flora and fauna, like Ash, Birch, Beech trees, brambles and holly. The councillors were excited to find a den of worms, snails, earwigs and other birds and insects in their everyday surroundings. Please find the pictures of their investigations in the Autumn Term Activity folder. 

Friday 10th November 2023

The Eco Councillors went to plant bee friendly flower bulbs in the local community planters. We were kindly donated the bulbs by Maia Banks from Honeycomb Toys. She looks after the local planters on Clare Road and the bulbs were given by Cardiff Council in partnership with bee friendly Cardiff. Please find our pictures in the Autumn term activity folder. 

Friday 20th October 2023

The councillors met today to jot down some ideas towards our 'Eco Code'. This year according to our survey and later the agreed action plan, the members are concentrating on 3 major areas namely the biodiversity, saving water and waste minimisation. Hence, our Eco Code will be derived keeping these mentioned areas in mind.  The Eco committee brainstormed ideas and formulated Eco Code together. Please find our pictures in the Autumn Term Activity folder. 

Friday 9th October 2023

The Eco Councillors carried out an environmental review in school and in the school yard. We met Mrs Jones

our Headteacher and the head of the school council Mrs Callaghan and her team, asking them important questions like ‘Is there a water meter to record water use in school and do pupils in your class bring their packed lunch in reusable containers?’ We visited year 5/6 and asked Mr. O’Hagan whether his class bring reusable lunch boxes to school everyday and do they recycle the right things in the green bin bags. The councillors were full of ideas and thoughtful after our survey. A possible meeting will be further scheduled with the school council to assist our message across to the whole school and inturn the wider community. Please find our pictures in the Autumn Term Activity Folder. 

Friday 22nd September 2023

Today was our first Eco Council meeting. We talked about the roles and responsibilities of the Eco council. We had a brainstorming session of various ideas like making our school and Grangetown tidy by doing litter picking, planting trees, making new things from old things, selling old school uniform and making posters and videos to help the children of our school and wider community understand the 3R’s namely Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. We also played some games to understand these terms. If you are as excited as we are then check out our pictures in the Autumn Term Activity folder.