School Logo

Council Meeting Minutes _2

Friday 11th June 2021

The children took pictures of their logo designs and emailed them to all the teachers so that a logo can be voted for the Healthy School Council. 


Next we decided that our new topic will be Water.

We discussed the importance of water. Why is water preservation necessary and how to do it?

We came up with some brainstorming ideas such as-

  • making an i-movie to raise awareness about drinking more water
  • design your own water filter competition for the 'KS2' with the winning class getting a prize
  • celebrating 'Water Wednesday' where students will be given a cup of water to drink during play-times by the members of Healthy School Council.
  • making fact-files and writing our own poems and displaying them in the school to raise awareness of the importance of drinking water


Please have a look at the ‘Our Activities 2’ section of our website for some photos of us making our water posters.

Friday 18th June 2021

We distributed our ‘Water’ posters around the school and asked the teachers to display them in their classrooms.

We used our iPads and chrome books to look up facts about why drinking water is good for us.

We made a poster, using these facts, to display on our Healthy Schools Council board in the school. We hope it will encourage everyone to drink more water!

Our ‘Water’ poster

Friday 25th June 2021

 Today we made Cress Caterpillars.

We researched Cress Caterpillars and decided on our designs.

We used egg boxes for the body which we decorated.

We made the faces and antennae.

We added cotton wool for the cress to grow on, added the cress seeds and then watered them.

We are hoping we will have enough cress to use in our healthy sandwiches next week!

Please see the photos in the ‘Our Activities 2’ section of the Healthy Schools website.

Friday 02nd July 2021

Today we discussed the importance of sleep. 

We researched sleep, made fact files and mind-maps.

Then we made little lavender pouches to help us sleep better. 

We decorated hessian bags using felt pens, gems and sequins.

We Added a handful of dried lavender flowers and used colourful ribbons to tie our bags. 

Please check out the photos in the ‘Our Activities 2’ section of the Healthy Schools website.

Friday 09th July 2021

For our last session we made 'Pita Pockets' with our own cress. 

We washed the cucumber, tomatoes, onions and red peppers and cut them into cubes.

Next we chopped the cress and added it to the salad.

We mixed it well together.

Then we cut the pita bread into halves and created a pocket. 

Finally we added the salad to the pocket and munched on it. 


Please check out the photos in the ‘Our Activities 2’ section of the Healthy Schools website.