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Summer term minutes

18th July 2023


Today the Mini Vinnies made a special visit to the Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospital to deliver the cards we made. We were welcomed by Kath who talked to us about the work of the Noah’s Ark charity and the important work they do. We also met Polly who is a play worker with the sick children who stay in hospital. We were allowed to visit the garden area and the public space. The Mini Vinnies were awarded with a certificate which we are very proud of.


Our group has now come to an end for this year. We have thoroughly enjoyed our projects and hope you have enjoyed reading and seeing our photos of the activities we have undertaken as we challenged ourselves to “See, think, do.”


We wish you all the very best as we sign out for the school year 2022-2023. 

30th June 2023

The Mini Vinnies met today and discussed our involvement in helping to organise Grandparent’s Day for the year 1/2 and year 2 classes. The Mini Vinnies said how well they thought the afternoon went and how much they enjoyed being involved in this special afternoon.


We are however aware that we have fallen behind in our card making project. Some of the Mini Vinnies have suggested giving up their lunchtime break in order to try to catch up. This will be raised with Miss Sullivan as adult supervision will be required. 

We continued making the cards. 

16th June 2023


 The Mini Vinnies we’re delighted to hear that the little baby girl we have been praying for has had her operation and is now home. We continue to think of our friend from Nazareth House who is poorly and today we finished the card we have made for her letting her know she is in our thoughts and prayers.


In today’s session we made the invitations for Grandparents Day and also prepared some resources to be used at this event. 
We discussed the importance of giving our card making project for Noah’s Ark Hospital a great push. 

25th May 2023


The Mini Vinnies met today. Mrs Jones and Miss Sullivan have requested the help of the Mini Vinnies to assist with the forthcoming Grandparent's Day.

The Mini Vinnies have made the following suggestions:

 - Print out a family tree template and complete with the grandparents

 - Half of the group to assist with crafty activities the rest to serve refreshments

 - Children to show their Grandparents their Religion books.

 - Sabrina & Phoebe will do a reading and ask questions.

 - Sing a song with the Grandparents.


One of us has made an invitation template which will be used by the children to give to their Grandparents.



12th May 2023


A reduced number of Mini Vinnies met today. We focused on the words of “The Mini Vinnies Prayer” and discussed the importance of our roles as Mini Vinnies.


Mrs Harmsworth explained to us that we have been asked to undertake a special task by Mrs Jones. She would like the Mini Vinnies to create an altar dedicated in honour of our Lady. We will prepare this to the best of our ability. 

28th April 2023

Today’s meeting began with our prayer and Gospel reading as normal.

We prayed for a baby girl who was born prematurely with a heart problem. We prayed that she gets well soon.

The Mini Vinnies discussed how proud they felt as a group being asked to meet with the visitor from CAFOD. In particular we liked how we were asked for our opinions and suggestions for future fundraising ideas for CAFOD.


We continue making cards.