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Summertime planting

Group A had a very busy, productive session planting in the courtyard. We also did lots of watering as the beautiful sun has been drying out the plants.

Springtime planting

Today it was Group B’s turn to plant pansies. We started by digging out weeds, then we dug up the soil to make it nice and loose before planting pansies.

Planting pansies

Today Group A worked in the courtyard. They cleared the weeds and added fresh compost before planting pansies. 

More Springtime planting

Today it was Group C who continued our Springtime planting. More primroses were planted which added instant colour to our drab looking winter pots. We also had some bluebell bulbs left over so we had great fun planting those too. 

Primrose planting

Today Group B were busy planting primroses today which are so brightly coloured. They certainly brighten up our pots and add some colour to the arrival of Spring. 

Collaboration with Eco Council

Group A undertook a new project today in collaboration with Eco Council. They donated some bulbs to us so we took advantage of a disused planter and planted snowdrops and wild garlic. Some of the group were surprised to find out these bulbs actually did smell of garlic! 

Springtime clear up

Today Group C were very busy with the start of the springtime clear up. We cut out the dead parts of the chrysanthemum shrubs to encourage the new growth that has already started coming through. A couple of the girls also pruned the roses we had previously planted again to help the new shoots to come through. We then finished our session by planting sparaxis bulbs which bloom in the summer months. 

More bird feeders

Today Group B made more bird feeders. This time we hung them in the shrub in the playground. We hope the birds enjoy them!

Bird Feeders

Today Group A were busy making “bird kebabs”. We used cheese, sultanas and chopped apples. We discussed how we shouldn’t feed bread to birds as it’s not healthy for them. We have hung the kebabs in our tree and in our conifer which we planted before Christmas and are now looking forward to seeing if we can encourage birds into our courtyard area. 

Table centrepieces

Today it was Group A’s turn to take part in gardening club. We had a very productive session making table centrepieces which will hopefully be bought at the school’s Christmas Fayre. One of the members presented Mrs Jones with one of the creations. 

Advent Wreath

Today it was Group B’s turn to do gardening. We undertook the important task of making an Advent Wreath to be used by Miss Bohlin’s Year 2 class. We used greenery from around the school. We hope you like it and we look forward to using it in class.

Nordman Fir

Group C were very excited with today’s project. We repotted a Nordman Fir tree. We started by putting a deep layer of gravel in the bottom of the pot before putting a layer of top soil before putting the tree in. We are looking forward to watching it grow. It even has it’s own identification number, 1078925. 

Pansy planting

Group A had a busy session this lunchtime. Firstly we dug out the impatiens that were planted by last year’s gardening club as they had died. We also dug out the Petunias which had also come to an end. The group then prepared their pots before planting Autumn/Winter Pansies. These flowers are often thought to symbolise remembrance. Their heart shaped petals are often associated with love and affection.

Bulb planting

Today Group B started planting bulbs in the courtyard. We planted Brodiaea which are commonly known as cluster-lilies. These are perennials which means it is a plant that lives more than two years. They will flower in May and June. 

The Courtyard

Today Group C worked in the courtyard. We filled pots with compost and planted chrysanthemums. 
We also take care of the plants that last year’s groups planted.

Planting pansies

Group B were busy planting autumn pansies. Due to their heat shaped petals they are associated with love an affection. They also symbolise thoughtfulness. The word pansy comes from the French word Pansee.

Today was the start of a new year for gardening club. Group A started by digging out the weeds and dead shrubs from the pots. They then planted white chrysanthemums. These flowers symbolize friendship, happiness and well being. These are also associated with the arrival of autumn.


We then planted miniature roses in our big new planter. 

The Prayer Garden