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Immersion Day January 2024

To launch our new topic ‘The Great Outdoors’ we had a wonderful Immersion Day, which gave lots of opportunities for our children to really get up close with nature. Throughout the day we had 3 different activities and the children got to work with all members of staff in our area. 


The children made bird feeders with Mrs Evans using recycled materials and when completed, hung them outside to hopefully encourage birds to visit our garden.


Miss McDonald and our lovely Teaching Assistants took the children on a nature walk to the local park. They had a lovely time exploring outside which included looking in the soil and grass for insects, looking and touching the trees, flowers and plants and watching the birds flying in the sky. The children enjoyed using iPad's to take photos of what they saw.


Mrs Crilly took the children outside to our garden where she talked to them about planting seeds and what they need to survive. The children planted marigold and sunflower seeds in our new garden planters and are looking forward to watching them grow.