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Lower KS2 Stories (Year 3 & 4)



What a mouthful of a story called The Atrocious Fairytale.  Click here to listen to Mrs Lloyd reading this atrocious book.




Find out where Biff, Chip and Kipper spend their night away from home.


Click here to listen to Mrs Lloyd read Home for a Night.





Click here to listen to Mrs Lloyd telling the tale of The Welsh Dragon of Wales.




Listen to Mrs. B read "The Huge Bag of Worries" by clicking here.




Listen to Ms. Jeremy read Red Planet by clicking the both links part 1 & part 2



Click here to listen to Mrs Lloyd reading Homework Yuck!


This book shows how honesty and a little bit of courage can go a long way in boosting belief inside.





Listen to Mrs Lloyd read Alien Invasion by clicking here.

Aliens want to invade the Earth, can Billy save the day?




Mrs Lloyd has been reading Animal Tricksters, click here to her reading it.


Monkey has to face twenty grumpy crocodiles to get sweet mangoes.  Can he succeed?