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Spring term council meeting minutes

Friday 27th January 2023

The Eco Council met for the first session in the New Year. The children drew pictures to complete the Eco-Code poster that would go around the Eco-board in the school hall. We discussed ideas to influence students to follow the 3R's-reduce, reuse and recycle.  

10th February 2023

Eco council did a survey of the school. The children went to different classrooms and offices to look for green recycling bins. We made a tally chart of how many bins we found. Please see our activities section to view the results.


Friday 17th March

The council members met today to discuss ‘What can actually go in a green bin bag?’ We drew colourful posters to educate the children of our school. We will go around classrooms in the next eco meeting to raise awareness of the importance of recycling. Please check our posters and pictures in ‘Spring time activity folder’.