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Spring Term

2nd February 2024

Today we had two special visitors from St Patrick’s Parish SVP. Chris gave us the history of the SVP worldwide. Chris then went on to explain how the SVP began in St Patrick’s church way back in the 1800’s. The group had to write to the main organisation in France to ask permission to join. Mrs German explained the group only allowed men but she and another lady became the First Ladies to join in the 1980’s. 


Lots of great questions were asked by the Mini Vinnies and Chris and Chris explained they follow the rules of helping people. For example, the SVP visit lonely people, help with the shopping, drive people to church.


The other Chris told the group that the cards the Mini Vinnies made were “massively important.”

The ladies told us one of their favourite projects was delivering food parcels as they get to see “ the delight and smiles on people’s faces.”

19th January 2024


Today Mini Vinnies met for the first time in the new 2024 year. We discussed our future projects: meeting with SVP, Grandparents Day and potentially donating different items to homeless people. 

In the next two weeks, before the next session ,Mini Vinnies will think of the questions they would like to ask representatives from St. Patrick`s Parish SVP. Mrs Hamsworth has agreed to ring the Ty Gobiath homeless shelter and ask how we can help in the form of donations. The outcome will be fed to the group.