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Autumn Term Learning Journey Photos

Reception E September 2023

Our topic this term is called “Celebrations”.

To launch our new topic, we had an immersion day where we invited our children to come to school wearing party clothes. In the morning we decorated biscuits, made party hats and played party games. In the afternoon a children’s entertainer made animal balloons for us and we ate our biscuits and danced to party music. We had great fun.



As part of our topic ‘Celebrations’ we looked at Harvest and how people celebrate when crops have been gathered from the field. We also talked about how people collect food for others in need. We explored different foods by using our senses to touch, smell and taste food that is grown on a farm. 

We had a wonderful first school trip to a pumpkin farm in Porthcawl. The children thoroughly enjoyed being little farmers for the day, seeing up close how food is grown on farms. We saw lots of different sized pumpkins and got to choose one for our class. The children were really excited to open it up and see what was inside.