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Friday 23rd April 2021

Welcoming our new council members

Learning about our Rights


Today we welcomed our new councillors to this years school council. We all were awarded new shiny school council badges and talked about what it means to be on the school council. We all understand that being on the school council is a very important job. This year we have the job of making important decisions to improve our school by sharing our ideas and putting them into action. 


We are looking forward to continuing last year's councillors work in the journey in becoming a gold Rights Respecting School. 


Our first meeting included: 

  • Taking pictures of ourselves so that everyone knows who we are
  • watching a video about what rights are.
  • making posters of what rights were most important to us
  • talking about our posters


Next week we will make a school council charter, agreeing how we can ensure we meet one another rights as part of the school council. 

What does it mean to have rights?