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Upper KS2 Stories (Year 5 & 6)



Mark and Liam have to rescue three endangered animals.  See which decisions are the right ones to make.


Click here to listen to Mrs Lloyd reading Big Game Adventure.





Click here to listen to DooHickey and the Robot read by Mrs Lloyd.


DooHickey gets a new job as a professor's assistant.  However when the professors goes out he uses his newest invention.  What could possibly go wrong?




Click here to listen to Mrs Lloyd telling the tale of The Welsh Dragon of Wales.





Mrs Lloyd has been reading Animal Tricksters, click here to her reading it.

Monkey has to face twenty grumpy crocodiles to get sweet mangoes.  Can he succeed?

Click here to listen to Mrs Lloyd reading Kate and Her Best Friend.












Kate has to move and make new friends, however the first friend she makes may not be what you would expect.