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Summer term council meeting minutes


The council met after the Easter break and decided to do a 'Litter Pick'. The group was excited to meet and discussed various activities to do in the coming weeks. If you are as excited as we are then check out our pictures in the 'Summer Term Activities' folder. 


The Eco Council met again on Tuesday @1pm to discuss their new project-The St Pat’s own Uniform Shop. The councillors came up with the name ‘3R Giveaway’ for the shop. The idea is that parents can swap their child’s uniform instead of paying to buy one. The uniform is available for trade from the school office and parents can contribute as per their will in a ‘honesty box’. This way not only are we protecting our pockets but the environment as well.
Our motto is ‘“Trade Clothes to Save Loads”. Check out our i-movie in the 'Summer Term Activity' folder. 
So what are you waiting for? Come join us to help make our school a pillar of Environmental Sustainability!


The Litter busters of the St pats @Eco Council were back with their litter picking kit to combat trash, waste paper and garbage which was scattered about in the school yard. We collected nearly 3 full bags worth of waste. The Eco Council also are trying to come up with slogans and ideas to tell people not to be a ‘Litter Bug’. To find our picture please go to the Summer Term Activity folder.


Be plastic-less! …The Eco Council made posters and an iMovie to promote the use of recyclable materials. We made slogans to persuade children and staff in school to reduce the use of plastic. Check out our iMovie in the ‘Summer Term Activity Folder’. 



Eco Council met with Chloe Jenkins from Coed Caerdydd (Forest Cardiff), Parks, and had a brain storming session. We discussed various trees, shrubs and herbs like apple, pear, blueberry, strawberry etc that can be planted around Forest School. We particularly liked the idea of having a flower garden and having lavender bushes to promote a bee friendly St.Pats. Please find our pictures in the ‘Summer Term Activity Folder’. 


Eco Council were busy making seed bombs. We read the instructions carefully and followed the procedure to the letter. The seed bombs are of wild flowers to attract bees, butterflies and other pollinators to visit our Forest School garden. Councillors are letting their seed bombs to dry over the weekend and will scatter them on Monday 12th of June. To see our pictures, please visit our Summer time Activity folder.