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Vision and Values

St Patrick’s is a unique Primary School in a unique community. We can proudly say that we are a multicultural Catholic school, and we all work together with respect and kindness, learning from one another and supporting each other in our learning and living.


The pupils, staff and governors have been thinking about what we value and care about most and we have arrived at a set of values that we feel we can all agree with:


We believe that God loves every single one of us.


We believe that we are an extraordinary school because of our caring, family atmosphere.


We show our love for one another by having good manners, being polite, behaving well, respecting each other, welcoming visitors and newcomers, and nurturing friendships.


The adults here strive to ensure that we know every child in our care very well.


Because each pupil is known so well, we are able to cater for their needs specifically, whatever they may be.


We know that children learn in different ways and we are always seeking to improve what we provide for them.


We love to learn at this school and all of the adults here see themselves as

learners who are willing to share what that looks like.


We show our love of learning by being enthusiastic and always doing
our best to improve.


We know that each of us should work hard to achieve the best we possibly can.


We believe that God wants us to think and be creative.


We believe that Jesus was the best teacher ever and

we love to study what he had to say and what it means to us.


We value family life and work closely with families in order to maximize the success of pupils.


We know that we have to look after ourselves and that that means being active,

eating healthily, having fun and being happy.


We believe that we are custodians of our God-given world

and must act responsibly and teach others to do the same.


We love Wales, the Welsh language and we love Cardiff and Grangetown and

we want to find out as much as we can about the people and places around us.


As a school community we want our children to succeed but we believe that success is much more than academic achievement.