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Council Meeting Minutes Summer Term 2022

Friday 6th May

Today we used our chrome books to research mental health.


Friday 20th May 

Today we did some more research about Mental health using our chrome books. We also did some mental health word searches. Please see the Our Activities Summer Term section of our website.

Friday 17th June

 We researched about the importance of looking after our teeth.

We used our chrome books to research why brushing our teeth is important.

We researched some other facts about keeping our teeth healthy.

We decided that we will make a poster to display on our Healthy Schools board in the school hall.
We will also share our poster on seesaw which we hope will promote tooth brushing and tooth hygiene.


Friday 1st July 2022

Today we made our poster promoting good teeth hygiene. You can see the poster on the ‘Our Activities Summer term 2022’ section of our website.