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Autumn Term

24th November 2023

Today we continued making Christmas cards. We decided we will rethink the angel design as the one we experimented with wasn’t to our satisfaction. Mrs Harmsworth discussed with a group a post she read online in which a care home in Cardiff is requesting Christmas cards which will then be placed around the home. The Mini Vinnies were very keen to do this and our Vice-President made a start on producing a large card. 

10th November 2023

A small group of the Mini Vinnies met today. We began making the Christmas cards for the sick and elderly of our Parish. Mrs Perrett also joined us and took part in this activity. The group commented on how much fun it was. The group have received a very kind donation of card, felt tip pens and other lovely supplies from the parents of one of our members for which we are extremely grateful.

20th October

The Mini Vinnies met for a shortened meeting. Mrs Harmsworth explained that she has spoken to members of the parish SVP who said they would love to come in and speak to the group and a date will be organised. The group will think of questions to pose to our visitors.


The group have confirmed they are happy to make Christmas cards for the sick and elderly of the parish. We began looking and discussing designs which can be made relatively quickly due to time constraints.

6th October 

The full compliment of Mini Vinnies met today and had a great meeting. Six members put themselves forward for the positions of President, Vice-President and Secretary with two members applying for each post. Each candidate presented a speech to the group highlighting why they felt they were suitable for the roles. They were also questioned by members of the group. Votes were then held and the role of President resulted in a tie. It was decided that the successful name would be drawn by the Vice-President from a cup.

The successful candidates were congratulated by the Mini Vinnies.


The Mini Vinnies went on to discuss potential future projects with some excellent ideas being put forward. The group is very keen to meet and chat with their adult counterparts - the SVP - in St Patrick's parish. Mrs Harmsworth advised she would liaise with the SVP to arrange this.


Other ideas discussed were helping children in orphanages, making get well cards for sick elderly hospital patients, making gifts for housebound people from our parish. 

These ideas will be discussed with Miss Sullivan and a decision will be made.



22nd September

The new group of the Mini Vinnies met for the first time this afternoon. 

Mrs Danilowiscz and Mrs Harmsworth welcomed the group and explained what being a Mini Vinnie involves. Having understood the importance of being a member of this group, the Mini Vinnies took their pledge and were awarded with a Mini Vinnies badge.

Mrs Harmsworth then went on to explain that within the group there are the roles of President, Vice-President and Secretary and she invited members to apply for these roles if they wish. We also discussed some of the past projects previous groups have undertaken and the Mini Vinnies have been asked to think about what future projects they would like to do. These will be discussed at the next meeting.