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Welcome to Gardening Club 2023-24

Welcome to Gardening Club 2022-2023

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Prayer Garden Development

Today Group B began planting in the Prayer Garden. The Friends of St Patrick’s kindly donated planters which we planted with petunias and impatiens.  Thank you Friends! We also planted a large fuscia shrub.

A Dry Half Term

We all had a lovely warm, dry half term but unfortunately it was so dry all the plants we have been busy planting have died. Group A spent their session digging them up. 

Courtyard planting

Today some of our Group C gardeners planted a French Lavender shrub. Lavender produces purple flowers and is known for its health benefits such as helping improve sleep.

We also planted fuscias. 

Group B had a busy session today continuing our project to develop our courtyard. Today involved creating a sensory area by planting herbs. We planted two types of mint, oregano and rosemary. These herbs will smell beautiful and our classes can then use them as part of our “Curiosity Approach” to learning. 

Antirrhinum planting

Today Group C planted antirrhinums. They are also known as snapdragons or dragon flowers because many believed the flowers looked like the face of a dragon. Let’s see if this is true when they flower. If they are dead headed ( this means removing the faded flowers) it will help new flowers to keep coming. 

Group B began a new project today by working in The Courtyard. We dug up all the weeds that had grown in the tyres and filled them with new compost. We planted begonias which will hopefully produce delicate pretty flowers.

Summer bedding plants

Today was Group A’s turn to do some gardening. We dug up plants that had died over winter and have planted petunias. These are colourful trumpet shaped flowers that flower throughout the summer.

Water butts

The Friends of St Patrick’s kindly donated water butts to gardening club. We put them to great use today watering the pots. Thank you “Friends” 

Spring has arrived,

Spring has arrived and we have begun planting. Today Group C planted Pansies and Fresia bulbs. We’re looking forward to seeing how the bulbs grow into beautiful flowers which smell lovely. 

Getting ready for Spring

We are getting ready for Spring by digging up the plants that died over Winter. We’ve added coffee grounds to enrich the soil so the new things we plant will grow stronger.

Group A making bird kebabs

Bird feeders continued - Group C made kebabs for the birds

Group B gardening club have had great messy fun making bird cake feeders. We mixed bird seed with oats and raisins into vegetable fat. We filled recycled yoghurt pots with the mixture. We’re looking forward to hanging them up and seeing what birds come to feed.

We have been busy decorating pine cones which we hope people will buy at the Christmas fayre to help raise funds for our gardening club. 

The weeds keep coming but gardening club will not be defeated! We think we may even found “the biggest weed ever”. What do you think? 

Group A began our new gardening club season by dead heading and clearing the plants and flowers that have come to an end.

Today Group B continued digging out the weeds and dead plants. We also started preparing the soil for bulb planting by adding coffee grounds. This will enrich the soil and hopefully help our new plants to grow. 

Group C have continued the big job of deadheading and weeding. We also started planting daffodil bulbs which will flower in the spring.

Gardening Club comes to an end 2021-2022

Gardening Club for this year has now come to an end. I’m sure you’ll agree the gardeners have done a great job planting and maintaining the plants and flowers. Mr Knight and Miss Cullen recognised the hard work and dedication of Gardening Club and rewarded the children with certificates. The gardeners also planted mini pots to take home as a thank you from Mrs Harmsworth.

Summer planting gets busier!

We’ve had great fun today and have been super busy. Today we planted marigolds and verbena in the trellis barrel planter which we obtained through the Morrison’s Good to Grow scheme. We also planted a beautiful lavender shrub. Our gardening area is looking very pretty. 

The Summer Season

The Summer Season is a very busy time for Gardening Club. We have been busy planting Impatiens, Busy Lizzie and some Marigolds. The hot weather has also meant extra watering!

Summer Planting

We have begun our summer planting by planting fuscia  plants. These should hopefully come back every year and can grow into pretty shrubs with lots of flowers.

We’ve been busy with more planting. Today we finished planting our Fuscia plants and we added Nicotianas to our wooden planters. 

More spring planting

We took part in Morrison’s Good to Grow scheme and we received these hanging planters and compost. We used them to plant some pansies.



Spring planting

Group A were busy planting Primulas in our wheelbarrow.

Clear up ready for spring

We have continued getting our planters ready for spring. Group B dug up all the weeds that have grown and put fresh compost into the planter. 

We have filled our planter with fresh compost ready for planting.

More bulb planting

We have put our brand new gardening gloves to good use. We have been busy planting tulips ready to bloom in spring.

Bulb planting

We have been planting tulips which change colour. We can’t wait to see how they’ll look.

Start of the autumn clear up.

Gardening Club have been busy clearing out the weeds.

More gardening club members have been busy deadheading the geraniums and digging up the weeds that have grown.

Spring time clean up.

Our autumn clear up continues with more gardening club members. We were busy deadheading the geraniums and digging up the weeds that have grown.

Some of our gardening club members have been busy with a spring time tidy up. 

Transplanting the sunflower seeds

Planting sunflower seeds

Morrison’s Cardiff Bay kindly donated sunflower seeds as part of their “Seeds of Hope” programme. We planted them in cups provided by them and when they are big enough to handle we will transplant them. 

Our new gardening club members have been busy tidying up ready for winter. They dug up weeds and the dead marigolds. 

The sunflower seedlings have now grown big enough to transplant. We filled a trough with compost and gently transplanted the seedlings. We can’t wait to watch them grow.

​​​​​​Planting geraniums.

Some of our Year 1 gardening club members have been busy planting geraniums. We were guessing what colours they might be.

Some of our gardening club members have been busy during theses summer days. We have dug up plants that have died and have planted some marigolds. 

Planting marigolds