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Little Disciples is a club for our pupils. It involves the children taking on certain responsibilities to continue to build our Catholic Life and Mission within the school; such as, promoting our Jesuit Pupil Profile values, creating and sharing prayers and hymns every term and even organising events! They also have had opportunities to show their creative side when designing posters, leaflets and orders. 


We meet every Monday and prepare for our Gospel Assembly, an important start to our weekly Prayer and Liturgy. We read important 'teachings', share spontaneous prayers and even act out role plays to help Mrs Jones teach important lessons.


During our meetings we also decide our roles for the week. These include; creating a prayerful atmosphere in the hall for our whole school worships, assisting during Hymn Singing, handing out certificates during Celebration Assembly and assisting younger pupils by being great role models and showing them how we worship. We also alternate our groups to lead Children's Liturgy, where we focus on the Gospel teachings, and also clubs based on the Liturgical Calendar, such as, Rosary Club.


Each term, we have a 'Special Focus' project. In the Autumn term, we focused on Remembrance Day. In the Spring term, we worked towards developing our Jesuit Pupil Profile (JPP) virtues across the school. This term, we have introduced clubs such as; Children's Liturgy and also been into classes to inform pupils how to pray the rosary and invited pupils across the school to join Rosary Club.


As messengers of God, we take our responsibilities very seriously and we are proud to share the good news of Jesus within our school, and in our community.