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Our Favourite Healthy Recipes

Strawberry Smoothie

A great smoothie for the start of your healthy day smiley











Butterbean's Cafe 

Click on this link for some healthy recipes from Butterbean's Cafe

Healthy Snacks! How To Make Recipes from Butterbean's Café 🍎



Cinnamon Cashew Flapjacks

Check out this yummy recipe for a small but HEALTHY lunch time snack that can fit in your lunch boxes!

Choc-Orange Energy Boosters

This recipe has been recommended by Mrs B. from Year 1

Rainbow Pizza and Banana Bread

Check out this yummy recipe 

Healthy toast topping ideas


If you like toast, you might want to try some of these healthy topping ideas.

Click on the link to find out more.

Super Veg Pasta 


If you like Pasta then take a look at this Super Veg Pasta Recipe. Very easy and simple. 

CLICK the link