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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Picture 1 Mr Peter Knight Headteacher
Picture 2 Mrs Swain Deputy Headteacher, School Council

Foundation Phase Staff

Foundation Phase Staff 1 Mrs Williams - FPCo-ordinator,ESDG
Foundation Phase Staff 2 Mrs Crilly - Art & DT
Foundation Phase Staff 3 Mrs Morgan - ALNCo., Netball Club
Foundation Phase Staff 4 Mrs Hurley - History, Gardening Club
Foundation Phase Staff 5 Mrs Wyatt - PSE/EPR,

KS2 Staff

KS2 Staff 1 Mr Ellis - Numeracy, Rugby & Football Club
KS2 Staff 2 Mrs Maddocks - Science
KS2 Staff 3 Mrs Gallo - I.C.T.,Athletics & Netball
KS2 Staff 4 Mr Burton - I.C.T. (technological), Music
KS2 Staff 5 Mrs.Taylor Religion, Welsh 2nd lang.Athletics, Dra

Inclusion Team

Inclusion Team 1 Mrs Harmsworth TA
Inclusion Team 2 Miss Bohlin TA
Inclusion Team 3 Ms Jeremy TA
Inclusion Team 4 Mrs Hussain TA
Inclusion Team 5 Mrs Jabin TA
Inclusion Team 6 Mrs Danilowicz TA
Inclusion Team 7 Mrs Davies School admin clerk
Inclusion Team 8 Mrs Evans HTLA
Inclusion Team 9 Mrs Morse TA

Kitchen Staff and Midday Supervisors

Kitchen Staff and Midday Supervisors 1 Midday Supervisors (left to right) Mrs Begum, Mrs Desmond, Mrs Aherne Miss O’Reilly Mrs Pride, Mrs Jones, Mrs James, Mrs Fitzgerald, Mrs Sweeney

Caretaker and his team

Caretaker and his team 1 Caretaker Mr Canning
Caretaker and his team 2 Cleaning Staff Mrs Canning, Mrs Tonna, Mrs Desmond