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Statement from Mr. Knight

Headteacher Statement Tuesday 12th May 2020 • St Patrick’s Primary School will remain closed until further notice. • The school will still be closed on June 1st . • The school will probably remain closed until September at the very earliest. The Welsh Government will give three weeks’ notice of any change in the current situation I.e. school closure and Hub Schools for children of key workers. The aspiration of the English Government to reopen English schools for certain year groups is dependent on the rate of infections decrease. This is highly unlikely to happen as social distancing measures are eased. The idea of schools opening and maintaining social distancing is in my opinion a reckless and impractical one. We have many members of staff who are shielding or are self-isolating. As headteacher, in agreement with the governing body, I can refuse to open the school if I believe there to be a risk to the health and safety of the pupils or staff. Therefore, I would always need to be personally satisfied that it is safe to open the school. The very earliest we can reasonably expect the school to be open is in September. Even then it is highly unlikely that it will be operating in the usual way. We hope and pray for our political leaders to demonstrate integrity, honesty and humanity. We hope and pray for widespread and accurate testing to be made available. We hope and pray for a successful vaccine to be developed and given to all. Until then I see it as our duty to care for one another, to be a loving neighbour to those in need, to share in the mourning and sense of loss that is growing. Only then can we share the light of hope. We will keep you updated via Schoop, Website, FB page, and Twitter. Stay safe. Stay strong. Stay well. Peter Knight Headteacher St Patrick’s RC Primary School Grangetown Cardiff