School Logo

Council Meeting Minutes_2

Friday 11th June 2021

The children took pictures of their logo designs and emailed them to all the teachers so that a logo can be voted for the Healthy School Council. 


Next we decided that our new topic will be Water.

We discussed the importance of water. Why is water preservation necessary and how to do it?

We came out with some brainstorming ideas such as-

  • making an i-movie to raise awareness about drinking more water
  • design your own water filter competition for the 'KS2' with the winning class getting a prize
  • celebrating 'Water Wednesday' where students will be given a cup of water to drink during play-times by the members of Healthy School Council
  • we would also like to do a whole school survey of how much water is consumed by every pupil of the school
  • making fact-files and writing our own poems and displaying them in the school to raise awareness of the importance of drinking water


Please have a look at the ‘Our Activities 2’ section of our website for some photos of us making our water posters.